📢 Weekly Market Update 16-Sep-22 📢

🚀 A new era has Merged: the Merge has been successfully executed, end of the story ! No hiccups, no bugs, no nothing for what is seen as a historic event for the crypto community (and not only). Congratulations to the dev team !

📉 Fear is the new normal: negative macro backdrop continues to weigh on markets, rates are increasing and dollar is stengthening (EUR/USD is back below parity). Markets seem to anticipate a more hawkish FED.

🩺 The revenant: according to the New York Times, Celsius’ chief executive has told employees about a plan to revive the company that filed for bankruptcy in July.

👨‍👧 Family business: the brother of ex-Coinbase product manager (Ishan Wahi) has pled guilty to insider trading charge according to Reuters. Ishan shared confidential information with his brother and friends regarding new listings on Coinbase.

💻 OpenWallet Foundation: the Linux Foundation has announced that it will develop a secure open-source engine that could be use to build crypto wallets. However the Foundation will not develop the wallet itself.

⚖️ May the law prevail: the US Treasury Department issued new guidance to provide a roadmap for people who used Tornado Cash for lawful transactions to be able to withdraw their frozen funds.

💂‍♀️ On this day in 1945, Japan surrendered Hong Kong to Britain. It remained part of the British Empire until 1997 when the whole territory was transferred to China. This event is often considered to mark the definitive end of the British Empire.

📅 Michigan Consumer Sentiment (today); Inflation data for Japan (20-Sep) & Canada (20-Sep); Interest rate decision of the FED (21-Sep), BoJ (22-Sep) & BoE (22-Sep)